The Big Book of Bad: The Best of the Worst of Everything

Posted By: Plesiosaurus

"The Big Book of Bad: The Best of the Worst of Everything", DC Comics | ISBN 1563893592 | 1998 Year | JPG | ~103 Mb | 192 Pages

The Big Book of Bad takes a look at things that maybe we really should have thought through better. First we have bad guys, such as Pol Pot, Stalin, Himmler, Basil the Bulgar Slayer, and the worst of the Roman emperors. Then we move over to look at a few of literature's worst offenders: Moriarty, Modred, Long John Silver, Dracula, and more. After that, the book takes on entire groups of people based on really bad ideas, such as the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch Hunt, the KKK, and McCarthyism. There's bad science, and Bad Sports, a double entendre title to address some of the sports world's worst people, including Mike Tyson and Ty Cobb. Finally, there're things that were (and still are) just in bad taste; Liberace is just one of the many examples in this section.