The Big Book of Martyrs

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"The Big Book of Martyrs: Amazing but True Tales of Faith in the Face of Certain Death!"
DC Comics | ISBN 1563893606 | 1997 Year | JPG | ~96 Mb | 191 Pages

In the classic "Big Book of..." style, Martyrs covers the lives and usually gruesome deaths of more than fifty Christian martyrs, from John the Baptist to Edith Stein, a Jewish convert to Catholicism who died in Auschwitz. The book is divided into six sections: "They Walked with Jesus," "The Age of Persecution" (mostly in Rome), "The High and the Low" (the very rich and the very poor), "Soldiers of the Cross" (warriors around Europe who fought in the name of Christianity), "The Stuff of Legends" (fictitious individuals), and "Unto This Day" (martyrs and would-be martyrs of the last few centuries). Each section is briefly introduced by a text piece. At the end of the book are an alphabetical index of the martyrs, a short bibliography, and a long list of very short biographies of the artists who worked on the book [...]

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