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The Big Book of Weirdos

Posted By: Plesiosaurus

"The Big Book of Weirdos"
DC Comics | ISBN 1563891808 | 1995 Year | JPG | ~84 Mb | 223 Pages

In this collection, 65 comic artists each do a two- to five-page biography of a "weirdo". These are the crackpots, visionaries, eccentrics, bizarre geniuses, and madmen who have livened up history. Many of them are famous--Ivan the Terrible, Lawrence of Arabia, Rasputin, Edgar Allan Poe, Ambrose Bierce, Harry Houdini, Salvador Dali, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, and J. Edgar Hoover. Others--such as Wilhelm Reich, Nikola Tesla, and William Burroughs--are well known primarily in unorthodox circles.

Feliks Dobrin--the artist of the first comic published in the Ukraine--tells the story of Edward Leedskalnin. In the 1920s and 1930s, Leedskalnin built a castle out of sea coral without any assistance. Claiming to know how the pyramids were built, he somehow moved three-ton slabs by himself. This bizarre structure, which he says he built for a mysterious woman who may or may not have been real, still stands in Homestead, Florida.

Rick Parker--who does the Beavis and Butthead comic for Marvel--handles the case of Walter Freeman, the doctor who "perfected" the lobotomy. Freeman developed his own tool for severing the nerves of the frontal lobe--a long, thin, gold-plated pick that he carried in a special velvet case. Giving the patient only a local anesthetic, he would insert the scraper through an eye socket and into the brain, where he would haphazardly scrape with gusto. "Each lobotomy cost about $1000--although Freeman sometimes did assembly-line lobotomies--for $25 bucks a head!" He ended up performing over 3500 such operations before one of his patients beat him to death in his office.