Bill Evans Fake Book

Posted By: paco

Bill Evans Fake Book | Published by Tro - The Richmond Organization | 1996 | PDF | 13,3Mb | 102 pages.

Performed by Bill Evans. For C instrument. Format: fake book (spiral bound). With leadsheet notation, chord names, introductory text and black & white photos.
60 original compositions transcribed and edited by Pascal Wetzel. Leadsheets generally follow the latest recording to show the evolution of the tune and maturation of the artist. Counterlines, codas, chord extensions and chord changes for improvisation are included. Added features are lyric versions of 10 tunes, 3 essays about Bill Evans' life and music, photographs, and discography. Includes: Fudgesickle Built for Four * Interplay * Laurie * My Bells * Orbit * Song for Helen * Time Remembered * Turn Out the Stars * Very Early * Waltz for Debby * and more.