Biomechanical Systems: Techniques and Applications, Volume II: Cardiovascular Techniques

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Cornelius T. Leondes, «Biomechanical Systems: Techniques and Applications, Volume II: Cardiovascular Techniques»
CRC Press | ISBN 0849390478 | 2000 Year | 319 Pages

Because of developments in powerful computer technology, computational techniques, advances in a wide spectrum of diverse technologies, and other advances coupled with cross disciplinary pursuits between technology and its greatly significant applied implications in human body processes, the field of biomechanics is evolving as a broadly significant area. The four volumes of Biomechanical Systems, Techniques, and Applications explore the many areas of significant advances, including dynamics of musculo-skeletal systems; mechanics of hard and soft tissues, muscles, bone remodeling, hard and soft tissue interfaces, blood flow, air flow, flow-prosthesis interfaces, and impact; cardiovascular and respiratory biomechanics; and dynamics of many machine interactions.