Blueberries for Sal (video-book)

Posted By: biory

The adventures of a little girl and a baby bear

Blueberries for Sal is a delightful easy reader about a little girl who goes to pick blueberries with her mother on Blueberry Hill. Although Sal is not very much help to her mother, she sure enjoys eating the blueberries, especially the ones out of her mother’s bucket. Sal and her mother were not the only ones who planned on storing blueberries for the winter. A mother bear and baby bear also came to Blueberry Hill to prepare for the cold months ahead. Sal mistakenly loses her mother and it is a lot of fun helping her hunt for her through Blueberry Hill.

Children will love the large illustrations that can be found on each page of this book. The illustrations express meaning to the reader without taking away from the text. Additionally, McCloskey places adventures on every page, which leaves room for suspense but still allows children to make predictions. Similarly, the text flow naturally as it is read aloud. The rhythm and sound of this book is fun and familiar to children. Furthermore, McCloskey does not limit his book to just human characters. He incorporates animals too, which really captivates young readers.