Bluecoats: The U.S. Army in the West 1848-1897

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John P. Langellier, "Bluecoats: The U.S. Army in the West 1848-1897", Greenhill Books | ISBN 1853672211 | 1995 Year | PDF | ~22 Mb | 80 Pages

The United States Army began to make its presence felt strongly in the West after the conclusion in 1848 of the war with Mexico, when troops were posted to Texas, New Mexico, California and elsewhere in the newly acquired lands.

For most or the period from the late 1840s to the end of the 1890s, frontier troops garrisoned scattered posts from the Mississippi to the Pacific and from the border with Mexico to Canada. After four years of civil war in the 1860s, attention turned once more to the West, where continued white migration led to the final clashes with the Indians at places like the Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee.

The superb images and informative text in this volume vividly record the uniforms, weapons and campaigns of the 'Bluecoats' who lived and fought in the American West.