Brazilian Jiu-jitsu - Theory and Technique

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 Brazilian Jiu-jitsu - Theory and Technique

# Title: Renzo and Royler Gracie's Brazilian Jiu-jitsu - Theory and Technique
# Author: Renzo and Royler Gracie
# Publisher: Invisible Cities Press
# Number of Pages: 256
# Number of Techniques: 110
# Level: Beginner to Intermediate
# Year book published: 2001
# ISBN: 1931229082
# PDF - English - Size : 35Mb

Book Description
During the last decade, the martial arts world has looked to innovative mixed martial arts competitions such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship to determine which fighting style is the best. These contests have repeatedly shown the grappling style of martial arts, headed by Brazilian jiu-jitsu, to dominate. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu style stems from the premise, garnered from analysis of actual street fights, that the outcome of any fight is decided on the ground. While most martial arts deal only with the initial punching and kicking stages of combat, Brazilian jiu-jitsu concentrates on ground combat. This guide shows how to use Brazilian jiu-jitsu to increase combat effectiveness. Photographs and step-by-step instructions show how to master the techniques used in this exciting new form of combat.

About the Author
Renzo Gracie, a two-time world Abu Dhabi submission jiu-jitsu champion, two-time Brazilian national champion, World Combat champion, and Martial Arts Reality Superfight champion, teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu at an elite martial arts academy. Royler Gracie has competed in the Black Belt ranks for 20 years, winning the world title four times and the Abu Dhabi world submission championship for two consecutive years. They live in New York City.

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