Brian Tracy - The Luck Factor

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You will learn how to:

Set clear goals and priorities in every area;
Identify the keys to rapid accomplishment;
Focus on specific actions that increase your likelihood of success;
Put the “luck factors” of knowledge, skill, contacts and preparation to work for you;
Leverage the use of money, good work habits, timing, speed and innovative thinking;
Achieve more of what you really want — faster than you can imagine possible.

Session One: The Law of Luck
The nature of luck. The Law of Cause and Effect. America, the land of opportunity. The fantastic power of the mind. The Law of Action and Reaction. The Law of Sowing and Reaping. Increasing you probabilities of success. Hitting the bull's-eye. The Law of Averages. The Law of Attraction. The Law of Belief: A double-edged sword. The greatest luck factor of all. The Law of Expectations. The Law of Subconscious Activity. The Law of Correspondence. The Law of Mental Equivalence. The power of suggestion. The Law of Responsibility. Success is not an accident.

Session Two: Personal Strategic Planning
Coincidences don't happen. Serendipity: the three princes of Serendip. The principle of Synchronicity: getting in "the zone". Personal strategic planning. The Law of Control. The Law of Purpose. Freeing yourself from the Law of Accident. The Law of Clarity. Determining your value, vision, and mission statement. The Law of Desire. Creating your dream list and a list of goals. "What if it works?" The Law of Accelerating Acceleration. The 80/20 rule. The Law of Concentration.

Session Three: Thriving in The Information Age
Brain power in the Information Age. The winning-edge concept. The Law of Integrative Complexity. The future belongs to the competent. Learning more, earning more. The Law of Self Development. Making a fortune from your 10 percent-new ideas. When preparation meets opportunity. Making your lucky breaks. The Law of Talent. The Law of Variety. Digging your own intellectual foundation. Expanding your knowledge through reading. Learning to speed read: OPIR method. Maintenance reading and growth reading. Asking for advice.

Session Four: The Magic of Mastery
Taking the time for mastery. Curing the "something for nothing" and "quick fix" diseases. The Law of Service. Increasing your value to "customers." Getting what you deserve. Are you in the right field? The Law of Ability. The Law of Practice. Making a skill list. Identifying your Critical Success Factors. Determining your Key Result Areas. The Law of Incremental Improvement. The Kaizen Principle. The Power of Decision. The Law of Love. The Law of Improvement.

Session Five: Developing the Power of Belief
The Law of Liking. The importance of a positive attitude. The Law of self-esteem. Becoming mentally fit. Powerful mental programming techniques: Using the Law of Affirmation, the Law of Substitution, positive visualization, emotionalization. The Law Reversibility. The power of empathy and the Law of Emotional Reciprocity. Creating an appealing image.

Session Six: Cultivating Winning Relationships
The Law of Relationships. Applying the Law of Probabilities to relationships. The Laws of Attraction and Repulsion. The Law of indirect Effort. The Law of Giving. The power of generosity: the example of John D. Rockefeller. Finding your ideal life mate. The Law of Work. Creating your reference group. The power of successful networking. The Law of Credibility. Success at the chamber of commerce. The Law of Reciprocity.

Session Seven: Tapping your Inner Source of Abundance
The Law of Abundance. "Sweat equity." Why be wealthy? The Law of Emulation: becoming a master chef. The Law of Value. Seven secrets of increasing your value. A simple process for becoming financially independent. The Law of Saving. The Law of Accumulation. The Law of Opportunity. Breaking Parkinson's Law. The Law of Investing. The Law of Conservation. Savings, investment, and insurance.

Session Eight: Unleashing Your Genius Potential
Activating more of your brain power. Applying the Law of Concentration. The Law of Decision. The Law of Superconscious Activity. The seven key capabilities of your superconscious mind: (1) goal-oriented motivation; (2) activated by visualization; (3) solves every problem; (4) brings exactly the answer you need; (5) operates under two conditions; (6) responds to programming; (7) guidance. The power of common sense. The effects of mindstorming. Three ways to stimulate your superconscious mind. Systematic problem solving. The Law of Relaxation.

Session Nine: Making Every Moment Count
The Law of Results and the Law of Contribution. Becoming realist oriented. Developing a good reputation. Working all the time you work. The key principles of time. The Law of Applied Effort. The characteristics of a knowledgeable worker. Developing a long-time perspective. The summary of success: focus and concentration. Setting clear priorities and making lists. The A-B-C-D-E Method of time management. Setting posteriorties. Five key questions for getting greater results.

Session Ten: The Keys to High Performance
Developing action orientation. Success stories of action-oriented people. The momentum strategy of success. The Law of Flexibility. The quality of initiative. Taking calculated risks. Seven key ideas for increasing your productivity, performance, and output: (1) work faster; (2) work longer and harder; (3) do more important things; (4) do things you are better at; (5) group your tasks; (6) do things as a team; (7) simplify and streamline your work. Increasing your energy.

Session Eleven: Building a Strong Character
The ultimate goal of happiness. Character: the greatest of the luck factors. What is success? The Law of Reversibility. The Law of Concentration. Developing a reputation for integrity. Trust and truthfulness. Being true to yourself. The foundation of character: self esteem. self confidence, self discipline. The Expediency Factor. The seven basic elements of human nature. Practicing the great virtues: integrity, responsibility, compassion, kindness, friendship and gentleness.

Session Twelve: Propelling Yourself Towards Success
The quality of courage. The Law of Willingness. Overcoming the fears of failure and rejection. Daring to dream. Two factors that hold people back: learned helplessness and the comfort zone. The Law of Habit. The Law of Assumption. Confronting your fears. Developing the quality of courage: three steps. Perseverance, persistence and determination. Two questions for turning failure into success. Passing the persistence test. The Law of Belief. Eleven keys to luck.

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