D.Beard, N.Jerke, "Building Database Driven Flash Applications"

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Darin Beard, Noel Jerke, "Building Database Driven Flash Applications"
friends of ED | ISBN 1590591100 | 2003 Year | CHM | 13,35 Mb | 504 Pages

Provides complete application solutions "out-of-the-box" that are ready for use by the reader
Examples on multiple technology platforms including ASP, ASP .NET, SQL Server, and Access
Building Database-Driven Flash Applications demonstrates how the capabilities of Flash programming can be combined with Web back-end databases directly, without an intermediate layer of programming. Techniques for utilizing Flash presentation capabilities with the power of back-end databases are covered in step-by-step detail. Techniques and complete "out-of-the-box" solutions that are ready to be utilized immediately are presented.

Summary of Content:
Part One Setting Up the Environment
Chapter 1: Introducing Flash MX
Chapter 2: Setting Up the Web Server and Database Environment
Chapter 3: Creating Your First Flash Application
Chapter 4: Adding ActionScript to Your Flash Application

Part Two Creating Sample Solutions
Chapter 5: Building a Flashy Online Poll Engine
Chapter 6: Building a Nontrivial Trivia Game
Chapter 7: Building Calendars in a Flash
Chapter 8: Building Graphical Reports