Burne Hogarth «Drawing Dynamic Hands»

Posted By: Sauri
Burne Hogarth «Drawing Dynamic Hands»

Drawing dynamic hands is one of the most challenging skills required of the artist who draws the human figure. Here, Burne Hogarth, master of the human form, presents the most comprehensive book ever published on drawing human hands. In over 300 illustrations, a revolutionary system for visualizing the hand in an almost infinite number of positions from a multitude of angles. For every professional artist, illustrator, art student, and serious amateur who draws the human form, Drawing Dynamic Hands is an essential reference book.

I've been really struggling with learning to draw hands. The best help so far was Bridgeman's, but I was having serious problems nonetheless. However, this book by Hogarth kept coming up whenever I looked at reviews and recommendations.

I'd been avoiding the book -- I love Hogarth's illustration style, but I wondered whether it would be a serious art instruction book. Feeling a little bit guilty, I decided to look at it at a local bookstore before buying it at Amazon. I spent about five minutes reviewing some of the key concepts.

Bottom line: I made more progress on drawing hands in that one evening than I had in the previous week. I ordered the book that night. In order to qualify for super-saver shipping, I also ordered "Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery" also by Hogarth, and it was an excellent purchase as well!

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