The Business Start-Up Kit by Steven D. Strauss

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The Business Start-Up Kit by Steven D. Strauss

The Business Start-Up Kit
Steven D. Strauss

Book Description

Everything you need to know about starting and growing your own business, from's small business columnist, Steven D. Strauss.

Entrepreneurship has many potential rewards, and also carries unique challenges. Learn what works and what doesn't, along with scores of tips and hints in an easy-to-read compendium from one of the nation's foremost authorities on small business.

An easy to read compendium of everything an aspiring entrepreneur needs to start and succeed in business. Strauss explains what works, and what doesn't, while giving entrepreneurs scores of tips and hints.

About the Author

Steven D. Strauss is a nationally recognized business expert, author and lawyer with offices in California and Oregon. He has written ten books, and contributes regularly to several web sites, including, where his is among the most widely read business columns on the Internet.

He is a highly sought-after commentator and guest for a wide range of business and consumer media, and he also lectures around the world about entrepreneurship and business issues. Most recently, he started a business website,

He attended the University of California at Los Angeles, Claremont Graduate University and the University of the Pacific's McGeorge School of Law.

Exerpt from the book:

Your own successful business can be many things. It can be your meal ticket, ensuring the economic health of you and your family. It can be your source of creativity, giving you an outlet for all of those ideas you have. It can be your security, the comfort that comes from knowing that there is no boss who can fire you. It can even be your pride and joy, an accomplishment that you point to with satisfaction, knowing that you alone created it out of whole cloth.

But more than anything else, I think that owning your own business and being an entrepreneur is about freedom. Yes, the money that comes from a successful business is great. And yes, being energized and enthused about your day is special. Being free is priceless. If you do it right, you are free to start whatever sort of business you want. You are free to start it where you want, and free to work the hours you choose. You are free to make as much money as you are capable of, without yearly limits or performance reviews.

But you will notice that all this only comes about if you do it right. When you choose to become an entrepreneur, there are no guarantees. In large part, whether you succeed or fail is up to you. So, how do you do it right? Read this book. It is dedicated to helping you succeed. And unlike other start your-own-business books on the market, what sets this book apart is that it offers a model of business success, a simple model that is easily duplicated.

It might help to think of your business as having two parts. The first part is found in Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of this book—choosing and doing something that you love to do. That is the "technical" aspect of the business. The dentist fills the cavities, the photographer takes the pictures. Practically every business is set up to allow the owner to make money doing some sort of technical work that he or she loves.

The second part of your business is everything else—the actual running of the business itself. That is found in the rest of this book, Chapters 4 through 20. The dentist must network and bring in new clients, and the photographer must get referrals, bill customers, and generate leads. There are myriad things that go into running the actual business, aside from doing the "thing" that you love to do. When I talk about a model of business success, it is all of these other things to which I am referring.

The vast majority of this book is dedicated to teaching you this second part of business. If the dentist and photographer follow the model laid out in this book, they will be free to spend more time doing what it is they love, rather than worrying about the business. Do it right and the business will take care of itself, and you, in turn, will be free. You can plug almost any "technical" job into this business model and it would work.

The model is neither complicated nor complex. It is simple, easy, and fun. Learn it and free yourself up to grow, make more money, and do what it is you love. When you learn how to run your business properly, you get to a point where the world will be paying you to do what you love most. And that, as Alan Ginsberg once observed, is the real trick of life.