C++ How To Program - Solution Manual

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C++ How To Program - Solution Manual

Solution Manual : Visual C++ How to Program (3rd Edition) by Harvey & Paul Deitel & Associates (Author)
Publisher: Prentice Hall; 3rd edition (2001) | ISBN-10: 0130895717 | PDF | 1.48 MB | 577 pages

About this book:
In this book, you will master the five key components of C++ as well as four contemporary
programming paradigms:
1. C procedural programming—Chapters 1–5 and 16–18; key topics include data
types, control structures, functions, arrays, pointers, strings, structures, bit manipulation,
character manipulation, preprocessing and others.
2. C++ procedural programming enhancements to C—Sections 3.15–3.21; key topics
include inline functions, references, default arguments, function overloading
and function templates.
3. C++ object-based programming—Chapters 6–8; key topics include abstract data
types, classes, objects, encapsulation, information hiding, member access control,
constructors, destructors, software reusability, constant objects and member functions,
composition, friendship, dynamic memory allocation, static members,
this pointer and others.
4. C++ object-oriented programming—Chapters 9–15, 19 and 21; key topics include
base classes, single inheritance, derived classes, multiple inheritance, virtual
functions, dynamic binding, polymorphism, pure virtual functions, abstract
classes, concrete classes, stream input/output, class templates, exception handling,
file processing, data structures, strings as full-fledged objects, data type bool, cast
operators, namespaces, run-time type information (RTTI), explicit constructors
and mutable members.
5. C++ generic programming—Chapter 20—the largest chapter in the book; key
topics include the Standard Template Library (STL), templatized containers, sequence
containers, associative containers, container adaptors, iterators that
traverse templatized containers and algorithms that process the elements of templatized

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