C & Data Structures

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C & Data Structures

C & Data Structures by P. S. Deshpande and O. G. Kakde
Charles River Media | ISBN: 1584503386 | 2004. | 700 p. | RARed CHM 7.77MB

Divided into three separate sections, C & Data Structures covers C programming, as well as the implementation of data structures and an analysis of advanced data structure problems. Beginning with the basic concepts of the C language (including the operators, control structures, and functions), the book progresses to show these concepts through practical application with data structures such as linked lists and trees, and concludes with the integration of C programs and advanced data structure problem-solving. The book covers a vast range of data structures and programming issues, such as syntactic and semantic aspects of C, all control statements in C, concepts of function, macro, files and pointers with examples, graphs, arrays, searching and sorting techniques, stacks and queues, files, and preprocessing. C & Data Structures provides a comprehensive guide to all the data types in C with internal implementation, while providing examples to demonstrate their behavior.


* Explains all operators, expressions, control statements, and rules of C in detail
* Demonstrates language syntax, as well as discussing its behavior by showing specific internal implementations
* Covers data structures such as linked lists, trees, graphs, arrays, and commonly used algorithms, as well as advanced data structures such as B- trees and B+ trees

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