4 Cancer Treatment E-Books

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4 Cancer Treatment  E-Books


18 months of research by a blue-ribbon research team shows there are more than 350 natural, alternative and complementary cancer treatments that people have used repeatedly to successfully clear themselves of various forms of cancer.

The treatments described are used alongside, instead of, or even after conventional medical cancer therapies fail. Sometimes with remarkable success! This publication provides doctors and patients with details, research, additional sources, provider information, and web sites on all 350 approaches. Comprehensive.

Have you heard about a new treatment? Go to this book's Table of Contents, click on the entry (they've probably covered it, along with 349 others!), and read about what it is, how it works, what patients said about it, and about its effectiveness (or lack of it).

This eye-opening analysis of scientific studies of conventional treatments and patient outcomes can change your perspective and broaden your knowledge of both conventional medical cancer care as well as alternative and complementary approaches to cancer treatment. It will certainly make you think!

If you are a cancer patient, read this publication cover to cover BEFORE you elect to have surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Be fully informed before you consent to treatment…conventional OR alternative. This publication will you know your options and likely outomes. If you are a physician seeking additional options and "complementary care" approaches, you'll find valuable information about efficacy of both both traditional as well as complementary cancer therapies here.

This publication contains 2,000 case histories of patients who rid themselves of cancer using some of the 350 treatments reported on in "Natural Cancer Treatments" (above).

Details reported here can save literally months of valuable research time. Quickly look up a cancer type, see what was used to successfully slow, control, or reduce it, and read what patients themselves say. All information is organized in the form of a directory in which it easy to cross-reference treatments and actual patient experiences.

This publication provides extensive information and contacts at cancer organizations, helping charities, cancer foundations, groups, government agencies, and organizations that help cancer victims and their families with everything from housing and transportation to group and individual counseling. It includes lists of:

- Organizations and foundations that provide financial support or other forms of economic support or guidance
- Organizations that help find sympathetic, supportive, and knowledgeable physicians and care givers near you
- Organizations that provide self-help Cancer Kits and mentor programs for cancer patients and their families
- Organizations that offer simple, drug-free techniques to help you deal with the emotional and psychological
trauma of cancer - and much more!

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