Lonely Planet - Cantonese Phrasebook

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Lonely Planet - Cantonese Phrasebook

Lonely Planet - Cantonese Phrasebook

1999 Year | 315 Pages | ISBN 0-86442-645-3 | PDF – 22,2 Mb. | MP3 – 63 Mb

This phrasebook is based on contemporary Hong Kong Cantonese, although vocabulary specific to mainland China is included, and all words and phrases included arc polite and colloquial - the sort of words you'll encounter as you travel.

This phrase book will help you gel into, and out of, most conceivable situations while meeting people along the way. Whether gauging the changes in Hong Kong or trekking through southern China, dare to go to beyond the nod and smile.

• pronunciation supplied throughout
• understand what you're eating
• know when and how to haggle for that bargain
• explains the subtleties of Cantonese pronunciation and grammar
• two-way dictionary