Cascading Style Sheets: The Designer's Edge (CHM|22mb)

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Cascading Style Sheets: The Designer's Edge (CHM|22mb)

Writing CSS: The Designer's Edge has been a particularly good experience because of the people involved. I'd like to take a moment to praise them heartily here.

From Sybex, Willem Knibbe is an extremely flexible and insightful developmental editor, and there is no doubt that his guidance helped me greatly. Liz Burke kept all the details on track and made sure everything came together effectively. Special thanks to Dan Brodnitz for his assistance and support. Jordan Gold is truly golden, and for his years of ongoing interest in my work, I'm very grateful. Finally, a personal thanks to Sybex's main man, Dr. Rodnay Zaks who, along with Sybex in general, has helped provide me with some of the best projects and working relationships I've experienced.

From Waterside Productions, my literary agent David Fugate has been one of the true white knights, charging in to fix what needs fixing and talking me through the darker days.

From the markup and CSS community: Many thanks to all of my colleagues and peers within the community for being around to answer questions and solve problems: Porter Glendinning, Christopher Schmitt, Eric Costello, Owen Briggs, Rob Chandanais, Douglas Bowman, and all the denizens of the XHTML-L and CSS-Discuss lists. Thank you one and all for your ongoing passion for these important topics. Also, a note of thanks to Bryan Hillebrandt for stepping in and helping with some editorial issues

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the preview is here
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