Chemistry - John McMurry (Excellent textbook)

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John McMurry and Robert C. Fay, «Chemistry» Fourth Edition
Prentice Hall | ISBN 0131402080 | 2003 Year | PDF | 76 Mb | 1328 Pages

In preparing this fourth edition, we have again reworked the entire book at the sentence level to make it as easy as possible for a reader to understand and learn chemistry. Among the many changes and improvements, much art has been redrawn to show molecular views of chemical processes, many new molecular models have been added, and numerous electrostatic potential maps have been included to show the polarity patterns in molecules.
Problems and problem solving have also received a great deal of attention in this 4th edition. The use of visual, non-numerical "Key Concept" problems has been expanded. The number of these problems, which test an understanding of the material rather than the ability to put numbers into a formula, has increased, and Worked Key Concept Examples have been included in each chapter to show how to approach these problems. Don't make the mistake of thinking that these Key Concept problems are simple just because they don't have numbers. Many are real challenges that will test the ability of any student.
Among other changes to the problems, the Worked Examples found at the end of text sections have been rewritten to begin with a Strategy discussion that shows how to approach the problem, and many now end with a Ballpark Check to make sure the calculated answer makes sense. Finally, we have added a substantial number of challenging new end-of-chapter problems that should prove thought-provoking to even the best students.
We hope that this new edition will meet the goals we have set for it and that students will find it to be friendly, accessible, and above all effective in teaching chemistry.