The Childcare Answer Book

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The Childcare Answer Book

Linda H. Connell, «The Childcare Answer Book»
Sourcebooks | ISBN: 1572484829 | August 2005 | PDF | 293 Pages | 1.3 MB

One of the most difficult decisions a parent must make is who is going to watch his or her child while they are at work. Childcare can be a tricky decision. Do you work with an au pair agency? Do you select an in-home sitter? Do you drop your child off at a well-known daycare center? € How do you know the child care provider is trustworthy? This book covers everything from background checks to creating contracts with the daycare provider. It also covers precautions such as checking the safety of the building in which the child care is provided (fire codes, smoke alarms, insurance, liability, etc.). Checklists for comparison of facilities and other types of childcare are also included for easy use.

Additional appendices are included with valuable resources and websites to assist the reader in finding the information he or she needs.