Child Health in Complex Emergencies

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Child Health in Complex Emergencies

William J. Moss, «Child Health in Complex Emergencies»
National Academies Press | ISBN 0309100631 | 2007 (Not Published Yet) | PDF | 070 Pages | 1,03 Mb

From Inside the Book:
Child Health in Complex Emergencies OVERVIEW Addressing the health needs of children in complex emergencies is critical to the success of relief efforts and requires coordinated and effective interventions. It also describes surveys of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and international agencies providing care to children in complex emergencies, which were conducted to identify guidelines commonly used to provide such care and assesses the content and limitations of these guidelines. The guidelines should target, as much as possible, the different levels of health care workers providing care to children to ensure appropriate, effective, and uniform care in a variety of situations. An external study commissioned by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the UN Secretariat found that a lack of clear terms of reference, guidance on responsibilities, reporting requirements, and consultation lines led to recurring problems in the provision of care during complex emergencies (Reindorp and Wiles, 2003). Binding principles of engagement, standardized indicators as part of a minimum, essential data set, and health-sector area-activity summaries are strategies to strengthen coordination and standardization of practice among different agencies in a complex emergency (Bradt and Drummond, 2003). Postemergency Phase Many of the major causes of child morbidity and mortality in the acute phase of an emergency persist into the postemergency phase.

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