Audiobook: Noam Chomsky: Clinton Vision: Old Wine, New Bottles

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1. Intro
2. Grand Visions From The White House
3. Clinton And The Future Of The Free Market
4. Public Subsidies, Private Profits
5. China: Human Rights And Nuclear Technology
6. Class War In The Media: Clinton, The Press And Organizational Labor
7. Why The Elites Hate Democracy
8. Clinton's Bottom Line: Business Interests
9. Clinton And NAFTA: The Rich Get Richer
10. Mexico And Free Trade
11. NAFTA: People Suffer As Profits Rise
12. NAFTA: Democracy And The New Economic World Order
13. US Companies Crush Canadian Insurance Reform
14. Corporate Attack On Democracy, The
15. Clinton's Health Plan Soaks The Poor
16. Clinton's Vision And Public Opinion
17. Social Disintegration And Clinton's Anti-Crime Package
18. New Policy For The US: What's In It For Us?, A
19. Beating Down The Working Class
20. Labor Loses In Clinton Vision
21. Who Were The Real Winners Of The Cold War?
22. What We Can Do

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