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Students and working professionals will find CircuitAnalysis II with MATLAB bApplications to be a concise and easy-to-learn text. It provides complete, clear, and detailed explanations of advanced electrical engineering concepts illustrated with numerouspractical examples.

This text includes the following chapters and appendices:• Second Order Circuits • Resonance • Elementary Signals • The Laplace Transformation• The Inverse Laplace Transformation • Circuit Analysis with Laplace Transforms • FrequencyResponse and Bode Plots • Self and Mutual Inductances - Transformers • One and Two PortNetworks • Three Phase Systems • Introduction to MATLAB • Differential Equations • Matricesand Determinants • Constructing Semilog Plots with Microsoft Excel • ScalingEach chapter contains numerous practical applications supplemented with detailed instructionsfor using MATLABto obtain quick and accurate answers.