Cleaning Windows Vista For Dummies (Repost)

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Cleaning Windows Vista For Dummies (Repost)

Cleaning Windows Vista For Dummies
For Dummies | 334 pages | 2007 | ISBN: 0471782939 | PDF | 4,5 Mb

Find out what you should clean, when, and how

Dump programs you don't need, archive data, and bring order to your desktop

Here's a handy household hint - getting control of all the clutter on your PC will make it run faster and more efficiently. This book is like a closet full of cleaning tools that help you organize your data and e-mail, archive the stuff you do need to keep, toss old cookies, tune up your file system, and much more.

Discover how to

* Create a cleaning schedule
* Find out what programs you have
* Clear out your root directory
* Control your Web cache files
* Manage Windows updates
* Get serious about system security


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