Code Generation in Action by Jack Herrington

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Code Generation in Action by  Jack Herrington

Code Generation in Action by Jack Herrington
Manning Publications | 2003 | ISBN-10: 1930110979 | PDF | 15 Mb | 368 pages

Developers using code generation are producing higher quality code faster than their hand-coding counterparts. And, they enjoy other advantages like maintainability, consistency and abstraction. Using the new CG methods they can make a change in one place, avoiding multiple synchronized changes you must make by hand.
Code Generation in Action shows you the techniques of building and using programs to write other programs. It shows how to avoid repetition and error to produce consistent, high quality code, and how to maintain it more easily. It demonstrates code generators for user interfaces, database access, remote procedure access, and much more.
Code Generation in Action is an A-to-Z guide covering building, buying, deploying and using code generators. If you are a software engineer-whether beginner or advanced-eager to become the "ideas person," the mover-and-shaker on your development team, you should learn CG techniques. This book will help you master them.