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Tai Chi Chuan and the Code of Life

Posted By: jackjones
Tai Chi Chuan and the Code of Life

Tai Chi Chuan and the Code of Life
Author: Graham Horwood | ISBN: 0938045385 | Size: 1,97 Mb | File Type: PDF File

Revealing the Deeper Mysteries of China’s Ancient Art for Health and Harmony
Over the centuries, the ancient martial art of Tai Chi Chuan, better known as Tai Chi, has exerted an almost magnetic influence for millions of seekers, attracted to its promise of physical resilience, emotional well being and spiritual illumination.

Emblematic of China’s greatest traditions in philosophical and religious enquiry, there is a grand, elusive mystique to Tai Chi that seems to transcend its apparent emphasis on self-defense and good health.

What, really, is the basis for this enduring appeal? Why has Tai Chi become so popular in the West? And what benefits can we really expect from its practice?

In Tai Chi Chuan and the Code of Life, Graham Horwood brilliantly explores these and many other questions. Horwood demonstrates how Tai Chi links not only to the I Ching, to Taoism and to Chinese alchemy, but also to the greatest traditions of both Western alchemy and modern science.

A portrait emerges of Tai Chi as a dynamic blueprint for the true functioning of the universe. To practice Tai Chi correctly is to directly embody the great universal truths as they naturally unfold in our daily lives.

But what is correct Tai Chi practice? Moving beyond the theory, Horwood’s Tai Chi Chuan and the Code of Life reveals deeply practical techniques, drawn from the Yang Family’s formerly secret teachings, on how to optimize one’s energetic and spiritual development. Without this kind of specialized knowledge, Tai Chi is unlikely to reward you with its most powerful benefits.

A treasure for novice and seasoned practitioner alike, Tai Chi Chuan and the Code of Life makes a welcome and far-ranging contribution to our understanding and practice of this mysterious discipline.

Author: Graham Horwood
File Type: PDF File
ISBN: 0938045385
Size: 1.97 MB

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