Collins Cobuild English Dictionary, PPC (ARM CPUs)

Posted By: Ivan the Cuddly
Collins Cobuild is the ultimate electronic reference guide and provides a clear and detailed picture of Modern English, the language as it is written and spoken today. A powerful resource for all learners and teachers of English.

This lexicon has 75,000 entries contained in a compact 3.8 MB of space. Because of its extensive examples and cross references, it makes an excellent dictionary for those learning English. Unique, fun features include "word of the day", crossword-solving, and anagram-searching. There is also grammatical information for most words including word patterns, e.g., V_N, N_of_N, ADJ_that, Adv_with_V. Pronunciation keys offer both British and American English. A system of five diamonds indicates the frequency of occurrence of individual words in the English language. You can click on any word in the dictionary to find its meaning, or click on any symbol, pronunciation, or grammatical abbreviation to get further information about it.

Copy the cab files to your Pocket PC, run cobuild.ppc3_arm.CAB, and install either DATA_Full.CAB (6.3 MB) to get the version with all examples, or DATA_NoExamples.CAB to save space on your PDA.