Complete Digital Design : A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Electronics

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Complete Digital Design : A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Electronics and Computer System Architecture | McGraw-Hill Professional 2003 | PDF | ISBN 0071409270 | 482 pages | 4 Mb

For engineers, students, and technicians or hobbyists concerned with real-world implementation of complete digital systems -- whether they involve a desktop computer or a car's engine controller -- electrical engineer Balch covers underlying concepts as well as the practicalities of design. He begins with digital logic and microprocessor fundamentals and then proceeds to more advanced topics (logic design methodologies, high-performance memory and networking technologies, and programmable logic devices); critical analog support circuitry; and design issues such as clock distribution, power regulation, signal integrity, design for test, and circuit fabrication techniques.

Book Info:
Guide to understanding and navigating the interlocking components, architectures, and practices necessary to design and implement digital systems. Covers implementation of microprocessor-based digital systems, supporting analog circuit principles, and building complete systems with basic design elements and the latest technologies. For electrical engineers.