Computational Cell Biology

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Computational Cell Biology

Christopher P. Fall, Eric S. Marland, John M. Wagner, John J. Tyson, «Computational Cell Biology»
Springer | ISBN 0387953698 | 2005 Year | PDF | 6,48 Mb | 488 Pages

This textbook provides an introduction to dynamic modeling in cell biology, emphasizing computational approaches based on realistic molecular mechanisms. It is designed to introduce cell biology and neuroscience students to computational modeling, and applied mathematics students, theoretical biologists, and engineers to many of the problems in dynamical cell biology. This volume was conceived of and begun by Professor Joel Keizer based on his many years of teaching and research together with his colleagues. The project was expanded and finished by his students and friends after his untimely death in 1999. Carefully selected examples are used to motivate the concepts and techniques of computational cell biology, through a progression of increasingly more complex and demanding cases. Illustrative exercises are included with every chapter, and mathematical and computational appendices are provided for reference. This textbook will be useful for advanced undergraduate and graduate theoretical biologists, and for mathematics students and life scientists who wish to learn about modeling in cell biology. Royalties from this book will be donated to the Joel E. Keizer memorial endowment for collaborative interdisciplinary research in the life sciences.

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