The Professional Pizza Guide

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It's impossible to date the first pizza, since it was never invented as such, but rather evolved over thousands of years. Starting from the flat rounds of bread that go way back to all civilizations, most spread some mixture of herbs and oil on them before or after baking. But pizza, as we know it, came into its own when the poorer Neapolitans started topping these humble rounds of dough with tomato. The first pizzeria in America was opened on Spring Street in Manhattan in 1905. However, pizza never caught on in this country until after World War II, when GI's returning home from Naples refused to leave these delectable pies in Italy. But it took several decades before Americans developed their own pizza styles:

Chicago Style
New York Style
Pan Pizza
Stuffed Crust Pizza
Chocolate Pizza
Pesto Pizza
California Pizza
Thai Pizza
Pizza Margherita
Breakfast Pizza
Sicilian Thick Crust
Tex-Mex Pizza
Grilled Pizza
Deep Dish Stuffed Pizza
Muffuletta Pizza
Seafood Pizza
Fruit Pizza
Pizza "Pie"


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