C++ Network Programming, Volume 2

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C++ Network Programming, Volume 2

Author(s): Douglas C. Schmidt, Stephen D. Huston | "C++ Network Programming, Volume 2"
Addison Wesley | Oct 2002 | ISBN: 0201795256 | English | CHM | 384 pages | Size (for download): 2.2 MB

Do you need to develop flexible software that can be customized quickly? Do you need to add the power and efficiency of frameworks to your software? The ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE) is an open-source toolkit for building high-performance networked applications and next-generation middleware. ACE's power and flexibility arise from object-oriented frameworks, used to achieve the systematic reuse of networked application software. ACE frameworks handle common network programming tasks and can be customized using C++ language features to produce complete distributed applications.

C++ Network Programming, Volume 2, focuses on ACE frameworks, providing thorough coverage of the concepts, patterns, and usage rules that form their structure. This book is a practical guide to designing object-oriented frameworks and shows developers how to apply frameworks to concurrent networked applications. C++ Networking, Volume 1, introduced ACE and the wrapper facades, which are basic network computing ingredients. Volume 2 explains how frameworks build on wrapper facades to provide higher-level communication services.

Chapter 1 - OO Frameworks for Network Programming
Chapter 2 - Service and Configuration Design Dimensions
Chapter 3 - The ACE Reactor Framework
Chapter 4 - ACE Reactor Implementations
Chapter 5 - The ACE Service Configurator Framework
Chapter 6 - The ACE Task Framework
Chapter 7 - The ACE Acceptor-Connector Framework
Chapter 8 - The ACE Proactor Framework
Chapter 9 - The ACE Streams Framework

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