Christopher A. Cullis - "Plant Genomics and Proteomics"

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Christopher A. Cullis, "Plant Genomics and Proteomics"
Wiley-Liss | ISBN 0471373141 | 2003 Year | PDF | 1 Mb | 233 Pages

"…this valuable book with its introductory descriptions of new developments in plant genomics can be recommended to scientists, lecturers, and person who are not very familiar with plant genomics…" (Journal of Plant Physiology, December 2004)

"…a comprehensive and clear introduction to the methods currently employed in plant molecular biology." (E-STREAMS, July 2004)

"An up-to-date technical guide which describes a plethora of approaches used to gain knowledge of a plant's genes, their structure and function…. A helpful publication for individuals with a background in genetics or cell/molecular biology." (Southern Naturalist, March 2004)