Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide

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Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide

Bruce Middleton, «Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide»
Auerbach Publications | ISBN 0849311926 | 2001 Year | PDF | 1,50 Mb | 360 Pages

*Note* The title on the cover is different from the title inside the book. The book has both been called Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide or Cyber Crime Field Handbook. This is the correct cover.

Long gone are the days when a computer took up an entire room. Now we have computers at home, laptops that travel just about anywhere, and data networks that allow us to transmit information from virtually any location in a timely and efficient manner. What have these advancements brought us? Another arena for criminal activity. If someone wants to focus and target something, more than likely they will obtain what they want. We shouldn't expect it to be any different in cyberspace. Cyber Crime Field Handbook provides the details of investigating computer crime from soup to nuts. It covers everything from what to do upon arrival at the scene until the investigation is complete, including chain of evidence. You get easy access to information such as:
  • Questions to ask the client
  • Steps to follow when you arrive at the client's site
  • Procedures for collecting evidence
  • Details on how to use various evidence collection and analysis tools
  • How to recover lost passwords or documents that are password protected
  • Commonly asked questions with appropriate answers
  • Recommended reference materials
  • A case study to see the computer forensic tools in action
  • Commonly used UNIX/Linux commandsoPort number references for various services and applications
  • Computer forensic software tools commands synopsis
  • Attack signatures
  • Cisco PIX firewall commands
We now have software and hardware to protect our data communication systems. We have laws that provide law enforcement more teeth to take a bite out of cyber crime. Now we need to combine understanding investigative techniques and technical knowledge of cyberspace. That's what this book does. Cyber Crime Field Handbook provides the investigative framework, a knowledge of how cyberspace really works, and the tools to investigate cyber crime…tools that tell you the who, where, what, when, why, and how.

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