Directx 9 User Interfaces Design And Implementation

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Directx 9 User Interfaces Design And Implementation by Alan Thorn
Wordware | ISBN: 1556222491 | 2004. | 377 p. | RAR 3.12MB, unRARed PDF 5.33MB

With all books there is a “target” audience, and although the distinction between those suited and unsuited to this title is somewhat nebulous, I feel confident in advocating that readers wanting to learn more about DirectX and sensible user interface design, and who have a solid comprehension of Microsoft Visual C++, as well as a basic grasp of general COM principles, are likely to receive most of the benefits this title offers. Knowledge and experience of other related software or technologies can be seen as a bonus for, but not essential to, understanding the examples and methodologies presented throughout this text. Having said all of that, however, far be it from me to set any pretensions and strict criteria. I wouldn’t wish to deter anyone who is keen to learn and willing to try; all are welcome here.

From concept to completion I illustrate the design, implementation, and testing of a full-formed user interface using DirectX, providing suggestions and rationales for good planning and sound coding. Such important mechanisms as message handling and hierarchical class libraries are detailed with thoroughness, alongside exciting technologies like Direct3D, DirectInput, and DirectShow. At numerous stages throughout this book digressions are made to highlight and detail valuable ideas, from advanced memory management to wrapper classes. Overall, this tome constitutes a good resource for any reader wanting to learn DirectX to create cutting-edge graphics, understand the comprehensive stages of user interface development, learn new tips and tricks, and harness the time-saving qualities of the reusable suite of visual controls, which are provided on the companion CD and coded within the tutorials presented throughout this book.

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