Daniel Robinson, «Greek Legacy»

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Daniel Robinson, «Greek Legacy»

Daniel Robinson, «Greek Legacy»
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Daniel N. Robinson
Philosophy Faculty, Oxford University
Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, Georgetown University
Ph.D., City University of New York

Daniel N. Robinson is a member of the Philosophy faculty at Oxford University, where he has lectured annually since 1991. He is also Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, at Georgetown University, on whose faculty he served for 30 years. He was formerly Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Columbia University.

Professor Robinson earned his Ph.D. in neuropsychology from City University of New York. Prior to taking his position at Georgetown, he held positions at Amherst College, Princeton University, and Columbia University.

Professor Robinson is past president of two divisions of the American Psychological Association: The Division of History of Psychology and the Division of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology. He is former editor of the Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology. Professor Robinson is author or editor of more than 40 books, including Wild Beasts & Idle Humours: The Insanity Defense from Antiquity to the Present, An Intellectual History of Psychology, The Mind: An Oxford Reader, and Aristotle’s Psychology.

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