Database Administration: The Complete Guide to Practices and Procedures

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Database Administration: The Complete Guide to Practices and Procedures

Database Administration: The Complete Guide to Practices and Procedures
Addison Wesley | ISBN: 0201741296 | 2002. | 592 p. | RARed PDF 3.55MB

With Database Administration, database professionals now have a comprehensive sourcebook of strategies for delivering quality administration across today's challenging multi-DBMS environments. Filled with practical guidelines and strategies, this book provides the most comprehensive survey available of the administrator's world for the existing or aspiring database professional…

Part tutorial and part reference, Database Administration explains and examines each of the components that comprise the discipline of database administration. The book opens by providing an overview of the responsibilities of database administrators (DBAs) along with the various "flavors" of DBAs and their tasks. From there, the book proceeds chronologically through every task a DBA is likely to encounter. Although designed as a comprehensive survey of the entire DBA environment, the book's individual chapters are also well suited for quick look-up of specific information.

Highlights include:

* The world of the DBA: types, tasks, daily issues, and much more
* The DBA environment—installation and upgrading issues, standards, and procedures
* Data modeling and normalization
* Database design and application design
* Performance management, including system, database, and application performance
* Ensuring data integrity and database security
* Database back-up and recovery strategies and disaster planning
* Storage management and data warehouse administration
* Connectivity, metadata management, Internet-enabled database access, and additional DBA tools
* Platform-independent coverage applicable for all the major DBMS products including DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server

Whether you're a database analyst, architect, or application engineer, this book will provide the strategies and solutions you need to navigate the rocky terrain of today's complex data environments.

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