The Dave Nestler Sketchbook Volume 1- Bad Girls Drawn Nicely (RE-UPLOAD)

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Dave Nestler, «The Dave Nestler Sketchbook Volume 1: Bad Girls Drawn Nicely»
SQP | ISBN 0865621063 | 2004 Year | CBR / JPG | 9 Mb | 64 pages


Dave Nestler has made a career of illustrating impossibly beautiful women, creating some of the most breathtaking paintings you've ever had dancing through your fondest naughty thoughts. Although it may seem like magic, there's a staggering amount of study and technique involved in the creation of such works. You think staring at pretty girls all day long is easy? Fun, sure, but easy? Nestler lets you roam through pages and pages of delightful detailed finished drawings of females in all manner of positions and attitudes, giving you valuable insight into his craft (and letting you enjoy the view!).

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It's a CBR format so use a CBR reader or just extract the .jpg's to view