David Hamburger - Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics

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David Hamburger - Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics

David Hamburger - Acoustic Guitar Slide Basics
e-book | pdf | english | Music Sales Limited | 2001 | 70 pages | 8.38 MB

This book is really, really amazing! A bold statement to make in the first line of a review, but very true! It covers everything, right from the very start, including even how to wear the slide itself. You can actually see the music you're playing building up as you go through the book, and you can then use the techniques you've learned to play the many full songs in there! In addition, David Hamburger's writing style makes learning slide guitar both fun and humourous as he throws in quirks and jokes in random places. If you're looking for a good, solid base to start playing slide guitar, this is certainly the book for you, and will keep you going for quite some time!



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