Death - The High Cost Of Living

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«Death - The High Cost Of Living»
Written by Neil Gaiman Art by Chris Bachalo, Mark Buckingham

Publisher Vertigo | ISBN 1563891336 | 1993 Year | CBR | 20.8 Mb | 83 Pages

Death - The High Cost Of Living

The first apperance of the sleek,goth chick who escorted the dead with a spark in her eye, a smile on her lips and a spring in her walk was a giant reversal of the traditional view of Death as foreboding and dreadful with the reaper dragging you off. If anything Death here was a welcome to a final revelation of the greatest mystery that is. As Karen Berger, publisher of Vertigo (The brand which arose from the success of the Sandman series itself) mentioned, it took the Sandman from being yet another adventure series to a whole other realm.

And was Death popular - she rivals Dream himself to being one of the most famous graphic characters ever. Refrences to her have appeared everywhere from rock lyrics to popular TV shows/films to even in other rival comics. Tori Amos wrote the original introduction to this series (Sadly not available in the scan).

Hardly a spinoff from the main Sandman series and more a book of it's own, "The Time Of Your Life" is a recounting of a day in Death's life. A day which she has to take every century, assuming mortal form to get a taste of the lives she eventually has to take. And being Death, it would hardly be a normal day to begin with :)

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Yeah, yet another review by me. As usual, criticism on tone, language and style are welcome. By the way, Gaiman fans could look for the release of a new version of the first series of Sandman along with a new publication "The Absolute Sandman" soon.