Defend I.T. : Security by Example

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Book Description
Draws on detailed war stories to identify what was done right and what was done wrong in actual computer-security attacks. Softcover. DLC: Computer networks–security measures.

From the Back Cover

The battle between IT professionals and those who use the Internet for destructive purposes is raging–and there is no end in sight. Reports of computer crime and incidents from the CERT Coordination Center at Carnegie Mellon University more than double each year and are expected to rise. Meanwhile, viruses and worms continue to take down organizations for days.

Defend I.T.: Security by Example draws on detailed "war stories" to identify what was done right and what was done wrong in actual computer-security attacks, giving you the opportunity to benefit from real experience. Approaches to securing systems and networks vary widely from industry to industry and organization to organization. By examining a variety of real incidents companies are too embarrassed to publicly share, the authors explain what could have been done differently to avoid the losses incurred–whether creating a different process for incident response or having better security countermeasures in place to begin with.

Inside, you'll find in-depth case studies in five categories.

1. Basic Hacking: Blackhat bootcamp, including mapping a network, exploiting vulnerable architecture, and launching denial-of-service attacks
2. Current Methods: The latest in malicious deeds, including attacks on wireless networks, viruses and worms, and compromised Web servers
3. Additional Items on the Plate: Often overlooked security measures such as intrusion-detection systems and disaster recovery
4. Old School: Two classic means of compromising networks–war dialing and social engineering
5. Forensics: How to investigate industrial espionage, financial fraud, and network intrusion

Aimed at both information-security professionals and network administrators, Defend I.T.: Security by Example shows you how to tap the best computer-security practices and industry standards to deter attacks and better defend networks.

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