Demons Of The Flesh - The Complete Guide to Left Hand Path Sex Magic

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Nikolas Schreck and Zeena Schreck, «emons Of The Flesh - The Complete Guide to Left Hand Path Sex Magic»
Creation Books | ISBN 184068061X | 2002 Year | PDF | ???? Mb | 400 Pages

In this book the Schrecks delineate the subject of left hand path practice in cardboard cut-out style. This personally seems a bit oxymoronic but I think the authors understand this. They then proceed to hold this cut-out up to the light of various influencial western occult figures. ( Kudos for taking on the figure of Jesus and exposing Blavatsky's flaws). One can't help but get the impression that they themselves would shine through perfectly. They even go so far as to show they have enough gall to use big four letter words in their own book. Wow! All in all there is not much here of any substantial value or advancement that can't be found in the older book 'The Yoga of Power'. It's disappointing really. There is a good bibliography but the book itself lacks citation. No modern work on sex magic would be complete without the chapter on S & M however. For those readers who think they need an entire book on this I suggest 'S & M Sex Magick for Dummies" ... and celibacy.