DermMeister ver. 1.01

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DermMeister ver. 1.01 | PDB | ~ 6MB

DermMeister is a photographic atlas of common skin conditions. It includes information and images on 66 dermatological disorders and step-by-step photos detailing two skin surgery procedures. It is organized using hyperlinks and bookmarks to make finding a particular skin condition fast and easy.

DermMeister has been co-authored by Dr. Richard Usatine and Dr. Andrew Schechtman. Most of the photos in DermMeister were taken by Dr. Richard Usatine. Some of these photos have been previously published in the Interactive Dermatology Atlas, Journal of Family Practice, Western Journal of Medicine and Skin Surgery: A Practical Guide, Practical Allergy and Essentials of Family Medicine.
Additional photos are published here with permission from the Skin Cancer Foundation and Dr. Dan Stulberg. The text was adapted from the Interactive Dermatology Atlas by Dr. Richard Usatine. Reference materials that support this text come from these references. Many of the photos and text in DermMeister may also be found online in the Interactive Dermatology Atlas at The concept, design, and layout of DermMeister was developed by Dr. Andrew Schechtman.

DermMeister has been developed and is currently being distributed free-of-charge. It is not supported by any sponsors. The authors chose to keep DermMeister free in order to maximize the number of medical students, residents, and clinicians who could use it and, hopefully as a consequence, improve the quality of the care provided to their patients with skin conditions.