Design and Analysis of Distributed Algorithms

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Design and Analysis of Distributed Algorithms

Nicola Santoro, "Design and Analysis of Distributed Algorithms"
Wiley | ISBN 0471719978 | October 27, 2006 | PDF | 589 Pages | 3.2 MB

Design and Analysis of Distributed Algorithms focuses on developing problem-solving skills and fully exploiting design tools and techniques. Moreover, the author helps readers develop the analytical tools and skills needed to evaluate the costs of complex designs and protocols.

This text is based on a simple and fully reactive computational model that allows for intuitive comprehension and logical designs. The principles and techniques that users learn can be applied to any distributed computing environment (e.g., distributed systems, communication networks, data networks, grid networks, internet, etc.). Based on a method developed and refined during the author's twenty years of teaching experience, the text provides a wealth of unique material and learning aids that enable the reader to learn how to design algorithms and protocols to solve problems and perform tasks efficiently in a distributed computing environment.