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Dialogues: Conversations with My Higher Self

Posted By: 5n7p3r
Dialogues: Conversations with My Higher Self

Kenneth James Michael MacLean, «Dialogues: Conversations with My Higher Self»
The Big Picture | November 2003 | English | ISBN 1932690018 | PDF | 576 Kb

The biological basis for consciousness - the idea that self awareness comes forth from a pile of neurons - is a joke. It is the biggest lie on planet earth. The fact is that each and every human being on this planet, from the most successful businessman/woman or the enlightened master, to the bum or the homeless person, is an eternal consciousness, on earth associated with a physical body and having a temporary physical experience. In Dialogues conversations with my Higher Self the author, Kenneth James Michael MacLean, describes life on earth from the broader perspective of consciousness not associated with a physical body. Yes, it’s true: there is life after death. When you die, you’re NOT dead! Find the answers to the fundamental questions of life in this exciting and groundbreaking book.

“What is consciousness? How does consciousness become self-aware? Is there really a God? Who or what created the universe? What happens after you die?
Read the Dialogues and find out!

What is time? Are there universal laws, or do the laws of science regarding matter and energy also apply to spiritual beings? What’s it like living as a non-corporeal entity?

In a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion, the author, with the help of several non-corporeal entities, provide the answers. Even if you don’t believe in channeling, Dialogues Conversations With My Higher Self contains information you just don’t want to miss.

“The simple and powerful truth of life is that utter, total, and complete well being, health, prosperity, and joy is the order of the day, in every moment and all that is necessary to experience it is to let it in!”