The International Dictionary of Artificial Intelligence

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The International Dictionary of Artificial Intelligence

The International Dictionary of Artificial Intelligence, Author(s) : William J., Jr. Raynor | Publisher : American Management Association | ISBN : 0814404448 | PDF | 777 KB | 295 pages |2000

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Anticipating the needs of professionals and researchers alike, this Dictionary is the first up-to-date reference volume on a discipline of ever-growing importance. Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming the foundation discipline for thousands of new applications and will have dramatic effects on virtually every activity we engage in.

This essential reference features over 2,500 entries, all defined and explained and illustrated, as well as detailed explanations of major concepts in related disciplines. A completely cross-referenced index, annotated bibliography, and extensive appendix of World Wide Web sites on the latest trends in AI, all will make this a favorite resource for practitioners and researchers around the world.

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