Dictionary of Networking

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Dictionary of Networking

Peter Dyson , «Dictionary of Networking»
ISBN 0782124615 | PDF | 3,5 Mb | 465 Pages

At Last–Clear and Comprehensible Definitions of All the Networking Acronyms, Terms, and Abbreviations You Need to Know

The Dictionary of Networking is a highly readable, authoritative guide to the extensive–and often bewildering–terminology of network computing. This completely updated, expanded third edition spans all aspects of networking hardware and software–from peer-to-peer networks to enterprise wide area networks (WANs), the Internet, and internetworking–and covers every major network operating system. Topics include:
* Certification programs
* Communications
* Industry standards
* The Internet and intranets
* LANs, MANs, WANs
* Mobile and wireless computing
* Network administration
* Networking theory and concepts
* Operating systems and environments
* PC and server hardware
* Protocols
* Security
* Slang
* Voice and data transmissions
This book contains more than 3,000 entries. Abbreviations and acronyms are cross-referenced to their definitions, and many entries include additional cross-references to related entries. You'll find clear, concise definitions, acronyms and abbreviations defined in context.