Digital Asset Management for Photographers -OReilly DAM Book

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Digital Asset Management for Photographers -OReilly DAM Book

OReilly The DAM Book Digital Asset Management for Photographers

Paperback: 296 pages | Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc.; 1 edition (November 22, 2005)
Language: English | ISBN: 0596100183 | Format: CHM | Size: 8.1 MB

Can you find your digital photographs when you need them, or do you spend more time rifling through your hard drive and file cabinets than you'd like? Do you have a system for assigning and tracking content data on your photos? If you make a living as a photographer, do your images bear your copyright and contact information, or do they circulate in the marketplace unprotected?
As professional photographer and author Peter Krogh sees it, "your DAM system is fundamental to the way your images are known, both to you and to everyone else." DAM, or Digital Asset Management, in the world of digital photography refers to every part of the process that follows the taking of the picture, through final output and permanent storage. Anyone who shoots, scans or stores digital photographs, is practicing some form of digital asset management. Unfortunately, most of us don't yet know how to manage our files (and our time) very systematically, or efficiently.
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