Digital Communications: John Proakis

Posted By: Al-Omari

Digital Communications: John Proakis
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This book by Dr.Proakis is a bible for Digital Communications. I have studied this book in graduate degree program and also use it at work regularly. I find this book significantly more advanced, and mathematically complete compared to the Digital Communication textbook by Dr. Sklar. If you are involved in advance digital communication systems design or research, this book is a tremendous resource. Starting from the concepts of source coding, entropy, rate-distortion, through concepts of signal space, signal design for bandlimited channels, optimum receivers, channel capacity & coding, trellis coded modulation, channel equalization, spread spectrum and multi-user communication systems, fading channels etc., this book covers them all in superb conceptual and mathematical detail.

This book is designed to be an advance (Graduate) level text/reference and therefore assumes that the reader is equipped with advance mathematics including probability, random variables and stochastic processes, and communication systems concepts based upon linear systems analysis.

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