Digital Communications by Glover & Grant

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Digital Communications by Glover & Grant

Digital Communications by Glover & Grant

# Title: Digital Communications
# Authors: Glover & Grant
# Paperback: 732 pages
# Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2000
# Language: English
# ISBN: 0135653916

Book Description
An up-to-date and comprehensive text on the rapidly expanding field of fixed and mobile communications, including data networks and packet switched systems. The aim of the book is fourfold- (1) to develop the mathematical theory behind signal processing as used in modern digital communications systems, (2) to extend these theoretical signalling concepts into information links which are robust in the presence of noise and other impairment mechanisms, (3) to investigate how these transmission links can be developed into fixed and mobile data communications systems for voice and video transmission, and (4) to develop queuing theory techniques and explore their development in small and large scale data transmission networks such as ISDN. The material is set in an appropriate historical context, and a substantial number of numerical and practical examples are included in the text.

Features and Benefits

General discussion of history of communication systems, with introduction to basic concepts of accessing, modulation and switching for line and radio transmission.
Coverage of basic theory of periodic and transient signals, the statistics behind random processes and the concept of linear transmission.
Major exposition of the fundamentals of digital communications, including-
- sampling and multiplexing,
- baseband transmission over metallic lines,
- decision and information theory,
- error control coding.
Discussion of how the performance of a system can be accessed by simulation, before the actual construction is attempted.
Extended coverage into–
- fixed point-to-point terrestrial and satellite-based communication systems
- mobile and cellular radio communication
- video (TV) transmission and storage.
Network design, including a discussion of topology and access techniques, and ISDN.
Balance of theory and practical examples and case-studies.
Outline solutions to problems in the text available on the world wide web.


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