Docker From Scratch [For Spring Developers]

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Docker From Scratch [For Spring Developers]

Docker From Scratch [For Spring Developers]
Updated 06/2022
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Cloud Native Application Development Series: Part 1

What you'll learn
Learn Docker from scratch
Mastering Docker Commands & Debugging
Docker Compose for running multiple services
Dockerizing Spring Applications
How Docker helps Spring Developers

Knowledge on Spring WebFlux
Knowledge on Java
Comfortable with Indian Accent
This course is particularly for Spring Developers who wants to learn Docker From Scratch.

Along with learning docker, We will also see how docker can be helpful in a Java developer day-to-day life. Increasing Productivity and Quality of our deliverables with the help of Docker. That is the ultimate goal of the course.

Here is what we will do in this course

Docker From Scratch

We will start from the story behind docker creation, why developer needs to learn Docker, How docker is different from Virtual Machines.

Mastering Docker commands and debugging

Creating Docker Containers and Various run options

Port Mapping / Volume Mapping

Creating our own Docker Images

Docker Networks / Creating custom bridge network

Docker Compose

Declarative way of creating docker containers

Port & Volume mappings with Docker Compose

MongoDB and Mongo Express

Postgres and Adminer

Dockerizing Spring Application

Microservice Development with Spring WebFlux

Reactive Mongo

Packaging our Spring application as Docker Image

Running our application via Docker Compose

Multi Stage Dockerfile

Integration Testing With Test Container

Improving the quality of our application by writing integration tests using Docker

GenericContainer approach

ComposeContainer approach


How Mockserver works

Starting early development process when the dependent service is not ready in Microservices architecture

Writing Integration tests along with Mockserver

API Gateway with Nginx

Using Nginx for Path based routing and Load balancing

Nginx + Microservices + Docker Compose to simulate mini cloud in our local for testing

Assignment - You will be given a task to do the following

Develop a Microservice

Persistence with MongoDB

Create Docker image

Running the application via Docker Compose

Write Integration Tests

Who this course is for
Any Java / Spring Developer