-=Philately=- DOMFIL - SCOUTING and other youth movements 2000

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DOMFIL - SCOUTING and other youth movements - 2000 | PDF | 54,6 Mb

Do not miss our first DOMFIL philately catalouge sharing. SMK-Team will try to provide you soon some additionally philately materials.

Scouts and Other Youth Movements Catalogue (Spain/English)

Scroll through the DOMFIL Scouting & Youth Movements Stamps Catalogue CD right on your computer. Research and anaylze stamp information with the click of a mouse. Features include full color pages and illustrations; cross-referenced catalogue numbers between Domfil, Scott, Michel, Yvert and Unificato; print only the pages you need.

2000, 1st edition, Domfil, (more than 4,000 colour stamp images, in English and Spanish, numbers of Domfil, Yvert et Tellier, Michel, Scott and Unificado catalogues)

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